“We will fight alongside every patient, every single day, to ensure that no patient is ever left alone. There is ALWAYS Hope. It LIVES at SHEPHERD.”
David Hysong
Patient & Founder
“Learning that my son Finn had cancer was one of the most horrifying days of my life, but the absolute worst day was when all treatments had failed and I held him when he took his last breath on earth. I wanted to save him with every fiber of my being, but the system failed Finn. Fortunately for patients now, there is hope. SHEPHERD is the HOPE and cancer intelligence we all need.”
BrandiLee Sawyer
“I have been involved with SHEPHERD and the DELVE program for several years. As a clinician and scientist specializing in pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma I have seen firsthand the devastation that faces so many cancer patients, especially those that relapse or do not respond to initial therapy. SHEPHERD provides a path forward for actionable individualized care when these patients are otherwise out of options.”
Dr. Patricio Gargollo
The Mayo Clinic